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The ORCA is designed to provide superior thermal protection for high value, temperature sensitive payloads. The ORCA ranges utilise advanced Plantol™ PCM that allows these solutions extended duration in both extreme heat and cold environments. Designed with the increasingly complex global supply chain in mind, the ORCA offers users multiple benefits to meet the increasing demands temperature controlled distribution. The ORCA Systems have been developed and qualified at the Intelsius ISTA certified thermal packaging testing laboratory. The ORCA modular range of systems has been qualified to maintain payload integrity at the following temperature ranges:
  • 2 - 8°C
  • 15 - 25°C
  • 78.5°C using dry ice

The ORCA systems have been exposed to a variety of thermal challenges. The testing has been completed against a range of industry standard temperature exposures and stress tests. ISTA development and test protocols were followed where appropriate. These include:
  • ISTA 7D
  • HO Class A (+43°C) stress test
  • -20°C Stress Test

ORCA Key features
  • 168+ hours performance at 2-8°c
  • 200+ hours performance at 15-25°c
  • The High performance, extended duration that the ORCA provides ensures “lifes most precious cargo” is always protected
  • Safe to place in fridge when experiencing unplanned delays
  • Can be packed in a fridge or ambient warehouse with 3D barcodes providing links direct to ORCA instruction sheets
  • significant reductions in volumetric weight which provides a lower total cost of distribution
  • zero conditioning or bench time for improved operational efficiency and removes the risk of cold shock
  • Universal pack out making the ORCA easy to use and reducing the risks of packing errors
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