Intelsius Qualified Partner

Features & benefits

ORCA implemented as a reusable logistics asset within the IQP certification scheme offers GDP compliance, world class temperature controlled distribution performance and operational simplicity. The Intelsius Qualified Partner (IQP) certification program provides a quality management framework that will enable you reuse the ORCA with assurance and maximise the performance of your logistics asset.

IQP certification holders will be
  • Provided with all SOPs in accordance with IQP certification

  • Been trained by Intelsius to use the ORCA correctly to maximise performance and reduce possibility of human error

  • Actively performing Intelsius SOPs for;

  • ORCA Packing & Conditioning

  • ORCA Refurbishment (where applicable)

  • ORCA Unique Identifier Control

  • Maintenance reporting

Support tools that enable
  • Understanding of how to measure and deliver the optimum return on your logistics asset

  • Site set-up & commissioning by an Intelsius engineer

  • IQP certified partners to be visible to end users who require temperature controlled distribution
In addition Intelsius provides an annual IQP audit and renews the Intelsius Qualified Partner certification for the next year. On top of this, all ORCA product supplied within the IQP certification programme can undergo an Annual ORCA Maintenance Service to ensure the ORCA systems are still achieving the high performance levels as per the original qualification. This includes testing the performance levels of the ORCA unit, versus the original qualification providing peace of mind for the next 12 months.
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